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Water conservation is becoming an increasingly important issue around the world. Here are a list of some exciting new irrigation products that can be added to your sprinkler system at any time. If you are considering installing a new underground sprinkler system, or if you own an existing sprinkler system, contact us and we will be happy to upgrade your sprinkler system with any of the following products.

WR2 Series

Wireless Rain & Rain/Freeze Sensors

Rain Bird Wireless Rain Sensor

It's time for a little feedback from the roots. With the new SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor Kit from Rain Bird, an irrigation controller is directly linked to the absolute moisture requirements of a site's vegetation.

When the sensor detects dry conditions, the next scheduled watering cycle is allowed. If a site's soil moisture level is above the threshold, the irrigation cycle is suspended. There are just two basic components - an in-ground sensor and a user interface at the controller.

ET Manager™

The New Standard in Weather-Smart Irrigation.

Rain Bird ET Manager

Although over-watering has always been something people tried to avoid, increasing water scarcity has brought this problem into the spotlight. No matter how efficient an irrigation controller's watering schedule is, however, it must take into account constantly changing weather conditions - specifically evapotranspiration (ET) and rainfall.

ET is the amount of water lost from the soil through evaporation plus the plant's water loss (known as transpiration), both of which are dramatically affected by weather conditions. Rain Bird ET Manager™ uses current weather information and ET to water your landscape only when it needs it. Since precise landscape water management is key to avoiding over-watering, the ET Manager can be an effective tool.

This simple, powerful irrigation management solution works with virtually any controller, converting a conventional irrigation system into a weather-smart one that adjusts itself according to accurate real-time weather data. The ET Manager helps to maintain the optimum moisture balance in your soil. As the weather changes, your ET Manager receives updates automatically every hour and only allows your controller to water when needed. The result: significant water savings, deeper root systems, and a healthier landscape.


Three-Program Battery-Operated Controller

Rain Bird SMRT-Y Soil Moisture Sensor

The TBOS battery-operated line of buriable controllers allows the use of automatic irrigation in the absence of AC power.

TBOS is easy to program, vandal-resistant, and reliable.

With a host of flexible features, the TBOS will meet all of your irrigation needs with only a 9V alkaline battery.

**The text and images for the above products are from the Rainbird website.